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Highly Recommended

Rob has been teaching our son for around 7 seven years now and has taken him from an absolute beginner to a very accomplished musician.

He is a patient tutor with a great knowledge of music theory. He covers a wide range of musical genres, and will happily gear the lessons towards your favourite styles.

He has always encouraged our son to push himself beyond his perceived limits, which has ultimately given him a passion for playing guitar which I’m sure will stay with him forever.

We have recommended Rob to several friends over the years and have always had great feedback.

Peter Gibson

Fantastic guitar teacher! Very patient and encouraging

Rob is a talented guitarist who is wonderful at sharing his love of guitar. The lessons are always interesting and what’s good about the way Rob reaches is that he mixes technique with playing the songs you like. He is happy to accommodate requests and is very skilled at making songs more or less complicated depending upon your level. I’ve been having weekly lessons for about 3 years and feel I’ve learned a huge amount in that time, and am very happy to recommend him! 😀

Jennifer Ford

Brilliant guitar tutor!

Rob’s teaching is outstanding. He is patient and meticulous but will have you rapidly playing guitar to any ability to which you aspire. He can shape his teaching around all ages, levels and abilities and I speak from experience as he has taught both my 6 year old daughter and myself. Rob takes you on a journey in his teaching and you learn so much more than just the technicalities of music theory and technique. The true guitar players find their talent inside themselves.

Damian O'Doherty

Great Guitar Teacher

A really good teacher who’s passionate and engaging, without being patronising. Breaks everything down really well. Really good with younger learners too.

Chris Haworth


Rob is an excellent teacher. He is patient , has very good teaching techniques and really tries hard to understand what I am struggling with and tries to help me address those specific issues. I am an adult learner and in-spite of my personal limitations in learning this instrument I feel due to rob I have been able to make progress. I recommend him thoroughly.

Chintan S

Thanks Rob

Been having lessons with rob for nearly three years now! Started as a raw beginner at the age of 25 and now both my musical knowledge and guitar skills are better than I ever expected!

Mike Dillon

A Five Star Tutor

I have been having Guitar lessons from Rob for a few years now. In that time have found him to be a patient tutor who really cares about helping you to reach your goals. I now play in two bands and have played the lowry 3 times with other musicans. None of which would have been possible without Robs help and support.

Ian Cullen

Excellent Teacher

Rob is an excellent teacher, he has loads of patience especially with an old novice like me. He has a good understanding of how to push me to the next level. I really enjoy my lessons. If anyone out there would like to learn to play or just improve on what they already know, then get in touch, I'm glad I did 👍

Deborah Camotta

My son Ryan has been having guitar lessons from Rob since he was 10 years old and started as a complete novice. He started with an acoustic guitar but swiftly moved on to electric guitar as this was better suited to his style of music. He is now 16 and an accomplished guitar player. Rob has always geared the lessons towards Ryan's musical interests and let him choose the type of music he wanted to play to keep his interest. He has just sat his Music GCSE and is on track to receive the highest grade thanks to Rob's support. Rob has taught Ryan to read music and develop knowledge on different types of guitar playing, solos and techniques; enabling Ryan to join a rock band as lead guitar where he has been playing for the past 18 months. I am very pleased with the quality of the tuition Ryan has received and the advanced level he has achieved due to the 1:1 tuition and would thoroughly recommend Rob Shaw to anyone who's child has an interest in playing guitar. 

Julie Bacon - Parent of Ryan Bacon 


I have been playing guitar from the age of 9 and i am now 14, rob has taught me from the start. I really enjoy it and Rob is a very good teacher and helps me with anything I am not sure of or maybe struggling with, he is a very nice person and easy to get along with, as well as being a brillaint guitarist. Over the years i have learnt to play different songs, learnt different techniques as well as how to read music. 

Mark Donnelly


Rob Shaw is a very patient and sincere guitar teacher. He understands the importance of structuring and presenting the guitar classes in a way that his students will enjoy. He is able to evaluate his student's style of playing and present the most effective approach to help them effectively learn guitar. Being an international student and a full-time student, I enjoy going for his classes because of his highly approachable, flexible and laid-back nature.

Derrick Teo

My name is Jack i am one of Rob's students. I have been having guitar lessons now for around three years with Rob and i have progressed from not knowing how to play the guitar to performing with a band as their rhythm guitarist. Rob is an excellent teacher and takes you through every phase of guitar tuition step by step so you gather a full understanding of each aspect. I would highly recommend Rob as he knows everything there is to know about playing the guitar and he is an excellent teacher. 

Jack Wilkinson (aged 17) 


I have been taking Lessons with Rob for 3 years. 
Whilst I had basic Rhythm guitar experience, I lacked any idea of timing and wanted to learn lead stuff. It's been hard going but I have made a lot of progress and whilst Rob is very focused in his teaching outcomes he is also understanding of the things that get in the way off regular practice and works with you to bring out what you have and develops that in a constructive way using practical hands on teaching mixed with a twist of theory. 
At 46 they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Tell that to Rob because he's taught me many new tricks. Excellent teacher I would recommend Rob to any other older student who wants to learn to play guitar.

Bill Hayes 

Tel: 07946 856 365
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