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Rob Shaw, South Manchester Guitar Tutor/ Teacher/ Lessons
Rob Shaw, South Manchester Guitar Tutor/ Teacher/ Lessons
Rob Shaw, South Manchester Guitar Tutor/ Teacher/ Lessons
Rob Shaw, South Manchester Guitar Tutor/ Teacher/ Lessons

I have played guitar for around 30 years and have  tutored for 15. In additon to private lessons I work in two Greater Manchester secondary schools as a guitar tutor and also teaching band/ensemble workshops where I help students work together to produce music as a group. I also teach in a Prep School in South Manchester

I perform as a Wedding and Event Guitarist as Love Guitar, where I play solo acoustic instrumental arrangements of classic and popular songs. I regularly play ceremonies as the bride walks down the ailse and background music for corporate events. You can see more of this at

I grew up and developed as a guitarist playing hard rock/indie of the likes of; Jimi Hendrix, Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Queen, Nirvana, Soundgarden, The Beatles, Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Megadeth, Suede, Radiohead and Neil Young amongst many others. I  played in numerous bands performing original music and described me as:
"…a maverick guitarist. Flamboyant style at the fore, kicking out some impressive licks, the guitarist is full of star potential. Great sequences of frenetic but tastefully restrained, fretboard tussles, are carefully inserted into the songs, with a masterful ear and empathy for the subtle.”

As an adult I spent ten years performing as one half of an acoustic jazz duo with a singer, playing classic jazz standards at weddings and other events. I've also spent time working as a guitarist in function bands and 'depping' (ie. standing in) for other bands.

I graduated from the University of Salford in 2001 with a BA(Hons) in Popuplar Music and Recording. Prior to this I did GCSE and A-level music and also won a 'National Music for Youth' composition award in London at age 16.

My own taste in music has always been ecelectic and varied incorporating all styles of popular music as well as jazz and classical. Like many musicians I  judge music on its merits rather than putting it in boxes. Consequently I see myself as a 'guitarist' rather than as a 'rock', 'indie', 'blues' or 'jazz' guitarist. As a tutor I believe a solid technical foundation and understanding of playing the instrument is not only important for whichever style of music you play,  but also allows you to access whichever musical style you then decide to immerse yourself in.

Tel: 07946 856 365
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